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    Thursday, June 04, 2009

    My New Best Friend

    The squat.

    Yes, it is my new best friend. After years of reading about the power of lunges and squats, sometimes incorporating walking lunges, back lunges, side lunges for months, but never ever considering the squat, I have begun to include it in my routine.


    I have been missing out! I feared my butt would get even bigger. I feared my thigh muscles would bulge and make it even more difficult to pull denim over them. No fear! It did not happen!

    I have been including two sets of 25 squats in my arm / sholder weight routine, roughly 5x/week. I hold 20 lb dumbbells on my shoulders, feet positioned should width apart, facing forward, and just do it. I looked in the mirror this morning and my arse actually looks higher and smaller. Who knew?

    I am very very happy and want to hear from you. Have you done something with surprising results - good or bad? What is your new best fitness tip?



    Blogger MPPs Mom said...

    I love squats! A trainer I had a few years ago had me do one variation on a squat (that i now cannot remember) and my husband was forever indebted to the results, lol!

    I'm doing alot of squats these days with the (new) trainer (getting that baby flab off), and also running alot of stairs... I just calculated that in between yesterday's sets of exercises I ran 48 laps of the stairs. My butt cheeks are feeling it today!

    If my chest is going to sag, at least I can get the booty a bit higher and tighter, lol!

    9:23 AM  
    Anonymous mayberry said...

    20 lb weights? I am in awe!

    6:41 PM  
    Blogger Builder Mama said...

    Resistance bands - I adore them. They help me get more definition in my arms and shoulders without bulking up. I'm already bulky enough, LOL.

    I love lunges too, but my knees don't.

    4:57 PM  
    Anonymous Megan said...

    Glad to hear you will be here more!

    Since January, I've been doing a class called Body Pump and the squat track is my favorite. I use a weighted bar (4 pounds) and have 35 pounds on the bar which rests on the meaty part of the back. The bottom half squats are what I love to hate. You go all the way down, but only half way up. :)

    1:23 PM  
    Blogger Tree said...

    Megan, those rock!

    11:26 AM  

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