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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    I'm Back!

    Did you miss me?

    I have essentially had nothing to say over the past few months. Or, that's what I thought. In reality, I think I had a lot to say, but little of interest to anybody. But, Aimee's post yesterday about why she started to blog, how she feels about blogging and how it has evolved for her has rejuvenated me.

    I will try to keep up with it. No promises on frequency (or quality). But, it will be just me.


    Blogger MPPs Mom said...

    I have missed your posts. I was so excited to see a new one in my reader this morning. Update us on the kids, the running, and whatever else is new.

    9:23 AM  
    Anonymous mayberry said...

    Looking forward to all that you have to say!

    11:36 AM  
    Blogger Tree said...

    Thank you both!

    1:59 PM  
    Blogger Gretchen said...

    Of course I missed you!

    Looking forward to getting together before too long. Perhaps a half marathon in October/November?

    3:09 AM  
    Blogger Tree said...

    Gretchen, I am running Nike Women's HALF (NOT the full) in October, but I am up for something in November?

    Tulsa Run is the last weekend in October - it is a 15K.

    Route 66 Marathon / Half Marathon is the weekend before Thanksgiving, I think.

    Both are in Tulsa.

    I know KC has a lot, too!

    7:23 AM  
    Blogger Nat said...

    Welcome back.. :)

    1:25 PM  

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